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Thanks largely to some seemingly endless number of wars, skirmishes and guerrilla battles military tools are again advancing in extreme measures with advanced technologies quickly becoming obsolete and new types of waging wars becoming more and more commonplace. One of the most interesting (terrifying) new developments may be the increasing attachment to drones.

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Drone attacks, which entail the deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles for so-called 'targeted assassinations', are now an integral section of the way that the United States fights the war on terror. Within a year of beginning such operations in Afghanistan the United states started along with them in Pakistan, and after that in Yemen. Many people in Pakistan have protested against these attacks and questioned their legality. Even the United Nations is starting to question the legal grounds of such operations.The AR Drone games have been developed with two motion sensors. These sensors are situated within the central hull from the device. Apart from that, there are more features inside the Drone equipment like miniaturized inertial measurement unit which is based on MEMS and also a 6 DOF. The inertial measurements in the device are in fact used by controlling automatic pitch, stabilizing the roll as well as the yaw and assisting the control in the tilts. The 6 DOF however provides with this particular pitch, roll as well as the yaw measures. These different parts and units of the device have to get a realistic effect of the real helicopter.

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