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Thanks largely to your seemingly endless series of wars, skirmishes and guerrilla battles military tools are again advancing in leaps and bounds with advanced technologies quickly becoming obsolete and new strategies to waging wars getting increasingly commonplace. One of the most interesting (terrifying) new developments has become the increasing reliance upon drones.

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Despite what Vice President Joe Biden stated with the debates, obtaining a triggering device is not going to be quite difficult for Iran as it is carrying out a lot of business with China, selling them oil, and to be honest, it is simply not that difficult to build a real triggering device, and besides this doesn't happen need to be perfect to obtain a chain reaction going, it really must be close, and whereas, the yield will likely be significantly lessened if the trigger device isn't perfect, it is going to always be a nuclear weapon, so don't kid yourself.They also have guided missiles which they have from China, in fact they fired one on Israeli warship through the Hezbollah-Israeli Conflict. Worse, they used the Lebanon air traffic control system to get it done. Iran has said that economic sanctions were considered an act of war. Therefore Iran already believes it's at war with the United States, and blames it to the Stuxnet computer worm which infected the pc system at their Bushehr nuclear power plant, which subsequently infected other systems supposedly running their enriching spindles.

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Now then, what my accept this all; Who Cares? And, well, you know, personally, if my enemy were built with a surveillance system which failed for whatever reason, I guess copying it kind of defeats the idea. Why copy failure? Nevertheless there was clearly a unique article in CBS News on December 12, 2011 titled; "Iran: Captured U.S. spy drone nearly decoded," which stated;