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Like most people say, the most enjoyable games available are games. But the Parrot AR Drone helicopter has taken your competitors distant from all contenders while using introduction from the first wireless controlled flying machine. Thus, this really is a lot more than the usual game as possible simulate flying competitions, jet fighting and virtual wars together with your friends.

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This feat is done possible by the two cameras located at strategic points around the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. These two cameras combine the functions of determining speeds and the live transmission of aerial views towards the iPhone for stabilizing your machine when it's in flight. From the iPhone, the rate of the equipment are able to be controlled using touch movements. The aerial videos transmitted on the controller in real-time are breath taking since it will give you a sense that you're inside the cockpit of your personal fighter jet. In multi-player mode, you are able to shoot along the jets of your friends who also own the Parrot AR Drone. You can collide using their jets and discover who's better control after a collision. The camera views relayed for your Apple iPhone will help you stretch the fun in a direction you want.The pilot comes with an choice of controlling the location where the camera is pointing. He can alter the camera direction laterally or back and forth, merely by dragging his finger on his iPhone touchscreen technology. By manipulating the accelerometer option around the iPhone, pilot can speed up or down his copter. He can also alter the direction of his helicopter simply by steering his hands in a very direction he wants. With the help of these options, a pilot will take his aircraft where by he wants. This is very useful when you are spying. The autopilot feature of this helicopter is helpful. When pilot removes his fingers from controlling iPhone, the copter goes into autopilot mode and hovers at its current location.

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3. Augmented Reality Games: Not only do you see what this device sees due to the wide-angle high-speed camera, but it also can play a large variety of games in augmented reality. You can obtain these games with the iTunes App Store; they vary from single-player to multiplayer and give you plenty of fun to have together with your new quadricopter. The sky usually the limit with this toy, it is beyond fun and for those of you who are seeking the supreme game, you can stop looking. Nothing may be cooler than flying a real toy and having to find out exactly what it sees.