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AR Drone helicopter by Parrot is one of the most amazing remote control vehicles. It is fast catching on in popularity with the kids and adults alike. This helicopter consists of various accessories, replacement parts, and extra games. The Drone helicopter uses Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPhone for manipulating the device. As a result of these products connected with helicopter, a gamers could also play a few other games that are included with it.

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There was a unique article recently inside the Mercury San Jose News titled; "With a watchful eye on people, drones set to fly," by Nick Wingfield and Somini Sengupta, which apparently was reprinted from the New York Times on March 16, 2012 and updated and placed within the San Jose paper on March 19, 2012 aren't knows where this story originally originated in. Anyway the content stated;The Gaui 330X-S was well accepted by the RC community being a solid device that's all to easy to assemble and fly and the 500X follows this pattern. It's design stems from military UAV's and it's efficiency and durability is par none. The propellers and frame in the 500 provides it with excellent wind resistance that exceeds every other drone on the market.

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