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Okay so, there exists this big brouhaha on the so-called CIA Drone captured in Iran. The US says which it got itself lost because of a bad satellite link failure, and the Iranians said they shot it down, then changed their story, and said they "hacked it" then crash landed it. Well, I guess when the ladder is true their hacker pilots require time for their super-duper simulator training system they claimed they had built 2-years ago, and learn how to fly? If it was the former, then the drone or UAV might have crashed and never been in one-piece.

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While it would seem "challenging" to regulate and fly, the AR.Drone has several technologies and sensors set up to make the flying experience easy and fun! Since you employ your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device to control it, steering the helicopter is done through tilting your device all over the place, after which controlling the motion through on-screen buttons. And using the two cameras on-board, it is possible to visually begin to see the live video go after your Apple device, while you are controlling and flying the Quadricopter.