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The Parrot AR Drone helicopters are revolutionary machines in the region of remote controlled aircraft. They have been developed with latest technology and features that existed no time before in such aircraft. This new copter is extremely simple to steer and control that makes it very well liked among its users. This new copter uses four rotors, two cameras as well as a remote gui. The communication of copter using its graphical user interface happens through wi-fi network. This enables pilot steer the helicopter even when it is away from his sight. The communication and control are two options that come with these Parrot AR Drone helicopters that produce them jump out among such aircraft.

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The games which can be enjoyed using the Parrot AR Drone helicopter include single player games against the on-board computer and multi-player games to get played against friends who also have the Drone. The Drone comes pre-loaded with two virtual games namely "Drone Wars" and "Robot". The former could be played solo along with multi-player modes even though the latter could only be played solo using the goal of defeating a virtual robot. For now, these are the basic earliest games that may be tried about the machine.Common sources for leaks will be the seams, around the stocks, or perhaps the stocks themselves. If you'll be able to't hear or feel the leak, work with a soapy water treatment for check. If the leaks are from the seam over a hide bag, a good seasoning may correct it. If the leaks are over the seam on the synthetic bag, in all probability it needs replacing. Re- tie inside stock for leaks round the stocks on a hide bag. On a synthetic bag, when the leak is involving the rubber grommet along with the bag, it'll have to get replaced. If the leak is involving the stock and grommet, you are able to wrap some plumber's tape around the stock on top of the grommet, or remove the stock and build inside the diameter on the tie in groove while using tape. If the leak is over the stock, you will find there's crack inside wood. These cracks are most frequent underneath the stock ferrules, but can also occur lower down. If this is the case, you need to possess the stock repaired by the bagpipe maker/repairer.

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While it appears to be "challenging" to manage and fly, the AR.Drone has several technologies and sensors in place to create the flying experience easy and fun! Since you have your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad device to control it, steering the helicopter is conducted by just tilting your device right and left, and after that governing the motion through on-screen buttons. And with all the two cameras on-board, it is possible to visually understand the live video feed on your Apple device, if you are controlling and flying the Quadricopter.