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Like most people say, one of the most enjoyable games on offer are : game titles. But the Parrot AR Drone helicopter has taken your competitors distant from all of contenders with all the introduction of the first wireless controlled flying machine. Thus, this can be far more when compared to a game that you can simulate flying competitions, jet fighting and virtual wars together with your friends.

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The games which can be enjoyed with the Parrot AR Drone helicopter include single player games contrary to the on-board computer and multi-player games being played against friends who likewise have the Drone. The Drone comes pre-loaded with two virtual games namely "Drone Wars" and "Robot". The former might be played solo plus multi-player modes even though the latter can only be played solo with all the aim of defeating a virtual robot. For now, these are the basic earliest games that could be tried around the machine.The wide angled camera actually steadily supplies a transfer with the coverage of live video clips while still doing the games that combine real and virtual data and at the same time is able identify another drone in your neighborhood. There is also an arrangement whereby several people may take part in the same game environment at the same time. This is driven by the relevance in the devices and games that have been downloaded.

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3. Augmented Reality Games: Not only do you view what this revolutionary product sees due to the wide-angle high-speed camera, but it also can play a lot of avenues of games in augmented reality. You can obtain these games over the iTunes App Store; they range between single-player to multiplayer and give you numerous of fun to own with your new quadricopter. The sky is literally the limit using this type of toy, it can be beyond fun and for those of you who have been trying to find the greatest game, you can stop looking. Nothing might be cooler than flying a genuine toy and getting to see just what it sees.