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If you are looking for that newest technology in Wi-Fi helicopter model flying make sure you check out the Augmented Reality (AR) Drone by Parrot. The drone features a manual aboard to indicate how easy it can be to control this 4 rotor helicopter. The manufacturer Parrot, has bridged the gap between virtual and physical worlds, employing wireless peripherals for smart cellphones which often employ iPhone and iPad touch-screen technologies. This amazing quadricopter creates its very own Wi-Fi network which connects with an iPhone or iPad. Interestingly this quadricopter has two cameras fully briefed allowing you to virtually sit inside the pilot seat. One camera is found within the quadricopter which is utilized to calculate the drone speed plus provides for hovering capability. The AR Drone combines military programing with gaming programs allowing for Smart Piloting (PSP) to regulate for wind and other environmental changes. The second camera is located up front and views the drone's surround and sends these records back to the iPhone or iPad touch-screen. You see what the drone sees providing for any birds eye view just as if you were sitting in the quadricopter yourself. This is what AR gaming is centered on!

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There was a fascinating article recently inside the Mercury San Jose News titled; "With a watchful eye on the general public, drones set to fly," by Nick Wingfield and Somini Sengupta, which apparently was reprinted in the New York Times on March 16, 2012 and updated and placed within the San Jose paper on March 19, 2012 who knows where this story originally came from. Anyway the content stated;If the unmanned aerial vehicles are completely robotic, and they are flown tele-robotically from a large number of miles away through satellite links, why can't robotic service machines do all the work for ground support? The answer to this question is; naturally they can, however no person has gotten it upon themselves to unravel this issue, save the military money, or invent robotic systems which can re-fuel the aircraft, do minor preventative maintenance, and wash the aircraft's surface.

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Drone attacks inexorably kill people other than the intended targets. Estimates of how many civilian men, as well as children are already killed vary widely, though the practice has engendered huge resentment in a lot of the planet. This has greatly exasperated our failure to win hearts and minds in areas of the world where we have been fighting wars of ideology.