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Okay so, there's this big brouhaha over the so-called CIA Drone captured in Iran. The US says that it got itself lost because of bad satellite link failure, as well as the Iranians said they shot it down, then changed their story, and said they "hacked it" then crash landed it. Well, I guess in the event the ladder is true their hacker pilots will need to go returning to their super-duper simulator training system they claimed that they built 2-years ago, and learn to fly? If it was the previous, then the drone or UAV could have crashed rather than experienced one-piece.

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1. Double Toning- The reed isn't getting enough air pressure. The most likely reason would be that the reed is placed too strong. Move the bridle towards the vibrating end in the reed to really succeed. Another issue could be air restriction for the stock. There may be a build up of seasoning towards the end with the stock or perhaps a drone valve or enhancer could be too restrictive. Remove the valve or enhancer to see if it solves the challenge. Check their instructions to regulate them so they take less pressure to start. Canister systems may also cause restrictions. Check that all hoses aren't kinked or leaking and that the canister is just not too close for the bag restricting airflow.Praise A few kind words can go a long way. Even if you walk by and tell a person that they certainly an admirable job, even though their only job is usually to push a control button all day every day, this means more to someone than not saying anything at all. Everyone wants to feel valued so when if they certainly something important. They do not want to feel as if their position could be easily replaced with a robot that you will find a lot more cost effective to the company, but alternatively that you just value their humanism as well as the mundane work which they do.

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Nevertheless, the subject is here up at our think tank, and having experienced the aircraft washing business all my life, I think it can be done to generate the soil support robots, and also robots which could wash the complete airplane flawlessly while doing pre-fight safety checks, and preparing the aircraft because of its next sortie or mission.