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Today, I had a fascinating conversation with somebody who is often a master RC modeler. He designs, and builds his own aircraft over completely from scratch. He often builds replicas of famous aircraft in US history, and the man concentrates on flying delta wings - in his garage. But changes are afoot I advised him, and therefore, we discussed the way the FAA had an excessive amount of power, and I mentioned to him the challenges with RC modeling, especially as people scale up in size. Specifically, I explained the down sides with an increase of regulations impeding on RC modeling and remote-control hobby flying.

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There was an appealing article recently in the Mercury San Jose News titled; "With an eye on the general public, drones set to fly," by Nick Wingfield and Somini Sengupta, which apparently was reprinted through the New York Times on March 16, 2012 and updated and placed inside the San Jose paper on March 19, 2012 so who knows where this story originally originated from. Anyway the content stated;If the unmanned aerial vehicles are completely robotic, and they are flown tele-robotically from a large number of miles away through satellite links, why can't robotic service machines do all the work for ground support? The answer to this question is; naturally they could, however no-one has taken it upon themselves to unravel this challenge, save the military money, or invent robotic systems that may re-fuel the aircraft, do minor preventative maintenance, and wash the aircraft's surface.

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Nevertheless, this issue originates up at our think tank, and achieving experienced the aircraft washing business all of my life, I think it can be done to create the floor support robots, as well as robots which can wash the entire airplane flawlessly while doing pre-fight safety checks, and preparing the aircraft for its next sortie or mission.