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Thanks largely to your seemingly endless series of wars, skirmishes and guerrilla battles military equipment is again advancing in leaps and bounds with advanced technologies quickly becoming obsolete and new types of waging wars becoming more and more commonplace. One of the most interesting (terrifying) new developments has become the increasing attachment to drones.

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If your gadget chest can offer the new Parrot AR Drone Helicopter as well as a wireless enabled Apple device, then you and your peers will be in for unmatched outdoor fun within the coming weeks, months as well as years. Match this with multiple batteries and also hardwearing . machine running for hours on end and you will attract quite a few wide mouthed spectators in your garden or playground, like its manufacturers did with press people on the recent launch. Though, the drone is also meant to fly indoors with special protection, but there are no holds barred when you decide to accept the wars to the greens, in in terms of you stay from the wireless variety of about 20 metres. The tips below will allow you to maximize value out of your machine at night confines of your house walls.Also, the views transmitted by the camera for your iPhone supply you with the power to really experience the Augmented Reality desired by the makers of the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter. Without looking at the skies, you can market to trees, cars, small jets and real physical objects as part of your view with virtual gunfire and bombs. This is the in an identical way you are trying to shoot more targets when having fun with your computer, all by considering the screen of your iPhone and managing your machine above.

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As AR Drone games are new at this stage, there are just a few games available, however,after a while, there will be more games. The single player AR Drone games for example Robot, Drone War, and Duel can be obtained with all the purchase AR Drone helicopter. In Robot, the ball player must deal with a menacing robot using guns, missiles, and special tactics. To play Duel, you might opt to enjoy a buddy also. The player should fight another pilot and win. The player may use aboard armament to win. Drone Wars is focused on head to head dogfights.