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Although some would call the Parrot AR Drone Helicopter a toy, I would be inclined to state that even though it is simply that, this is a a bit more. That is why the Parrot AR Drone helicopter augmented reality games are like hardly any other. These are not just games. They are cutting edge technology games. Using the simplicity of the bird's eye view how the wide-angle camera around the AR affords them, software engineers have the possibility to create most of these games into reality.

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The Drone games can be played not merely by a child but by the teenagers and the adults too. Playing with the AR Drone might be your favorite pass time. Operating the Drone is much more exciting than a conventional helicopter because combined with the previous functions it is now provided by much additional functionality. The introduction of the latest technological device by Parrot has really created a fantastic craze and has consequently succeeded to accomplish large numbers of fans on this device.The pilot comes with an choice of controlling where the camera is pointing. He can change the camera direction side to side or forwards and backwards, by just dragging his finger on his iPhone touchscreen display. By manipulating the accelerometer option for the iPhone, pilot can accelerate or down his copter. He can also affect the direction of his helicopter simply by steering his hands in the direction he wants. With the help of these options, a pilot can take his aircraft where by he wants. This is very useful when you are spying. The autopilot feature with this helicopter is of great help. When pilot removes his fingers from controlling iPhone, the copter switches into autopilot mode and hovers at its current location.

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Once that 10th drone is ready, quickly cancel the extractor understanding that drone is back inside your supply there you decide to go, the extra drone trick works as now you may have 11/10 drones prior to deciding to have a overlord. Even a small advantage like having an additional drone than the competition or really just having an additional worker doing things in your case is usually a major advantage in the beginning for harvesting and building. Practically all pro level Zerg players employ this StarCraft 2 trick in each and every game which they play, so use it every game for any quick boost to your productivity.