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AR Drone helicopter by Parrot is probably the most amazing rc vehicles. It is fast growing in popularity with the children and adults alike. This helicopter comes with various accessories, replacement parts, and extra games. The Drone helicopter uses Apple iPod Touch and Apple iPhone for managing the device. As a result of these products linked to helicopter, a persons may also play some other games that include it.

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As per the AR Drone reviews, the product utilizes a Wi-FI network to send video and images over the wireless signal. The heads up display interface is displayed on the iPhone, iPod, or iPad through the wireless network and processor around the iPod, iPhone or iPad confirms the location and images received. The images are delivered to the receiver iPhone at top quality and fast streaming rates. This is one of the versatile qualities with the drone helicopter which sets them apart. The company Parrot has manufactured some advanced AR Drone equipment to raise the person experience and technical functions. Through touch devices like iPhone, the experience gets better. They can control the movement from the devices from the touch signals.The wide angled camera actually steadily gives a transfer of the coverage of live video clips while still doing the games that combine real and virtual data and also at the same time is ready identify another drone in the area. There is also an arrangement through which more than one person usually takes part inside the same game environment at once. This is based on the relevance from the devices and games that were downloaded.

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