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The main military innovation of the past decade possibly even continues to be the development and deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones with the average person. These super high-tech military versions in the humble handy remote control airplane can be used for spying missions also to attack targets with missiles. In addition to being small, and lightweight, which give them a distinct stealth advantage, they likewise have the power that they can do not endanger the lives with their pilots, who might be many miles away sitting in front of a screen inside a safe place.

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There was an appealing article recently within the Mercury San Jose News titled; "With a watchful eye on the population, drones set to fly," by Nick Wingfield and Somini Sengupta, which apparently was reprinted in the New York Times on March 16, 2012 and updated and placed in the San Jose paper on March 19, 2012 so who knows where this story originally originated in. Anyway this content stated;The Gaui 330X-S was well received by the RC community as being a solid device that's all to easy to assemble and fly and the 500X follows this pattern. It's design is due to military UAV's and efficiency and durability is par none. The propellers and frame with the 500 makes excellent wind resistance that exceeds any other drone available on the market.

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